Miguel Mosquera (Ourense, 1953)
The collage has been established for right plenary session as a privileged procedure of production of
sense in the art of the 20th century, and the increasing fragmentation of the experience announces that it will continue
being in the century present: it seems that we still keep rehearsing new positions of the umbrella and
the sewing machine on the dissection table, according to the happy expression of Isidore Ducasse that the
surrealists took as it sees.
Superposition of spaces, times and languages; the collage will combine what is different simultaneously: it separates what has been brought together and
it connects what is separate. Every new assembly generates delocation and changes the sense of the reading; the
ensemble only takes felt according to the distribution of positions. Like this it is opened in front of our eyes the
light, unpredictable and unstable territory of the assembly: “a machine of producing dust in the space,
wind in the time” (Ernst Bloch).
Withdrawn to its kolkhoz of Sta. Mariña do Monte, Miguel Mosquera takes many years investigating the
more Soviet aspect and radical of the assembly, the one that does not support so much in the sparkling one
heterogeneity of the symbolic fields in contest, as in the bankruptcy of the plan of reading and bet for
the setting in evidence of the cuts and joints: the complaint of the nature built of the reality.


Text of Angel Cerviño and Alberto Glez.Alegre (Commissioners of the Exhibition.....